The Sky in a box

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fuck-kirk сказал(а): hey, could you tell me what that one "im tired of getting hurt" manga cap is from? i know its a knb doushinji, but could you tell me which one?

Sorry, but i really can’t remember the name of that dj Т^Т
Author is Gusari. It can be “Cicatrix Spectrum Anthology”, but i’m not sure.

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rin, haru is really scared and confused and hurt can you try to help him please


ima take this fucker to australia


This is just a test.


(sorry. I don’t have a proper pic here)

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“Looking for a girlfriend who can make bombs and good food.”

—   Sphinx, Nº 02

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What about you? You weren’t involved in any of this, so why are you giving me all this grief? What do you want to do?

Why are you always so concerned about Rin?

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suna o kizamu hari - coloring
suna o kizamu hari - coloring
You are disgusting